Who Are We?

Advanced Pipeline Services (ADPS) was established in 2010 in Abu Dhabi and first project was awarded in 2011. From day one ADPS has set for itself the target of bringing innovation, new technology and expertise to the UAE and the region in the field of Pipeline Rehabilitation using Trenchless Technology for Sewerage, Water, Irrigation, Storm Networks & Oil & Gas which are in need in UAE & the Gulf region.

ADPS had the vast task of educating and presenting Public and Private Clients in UAE and the Gulf with new Trenchless Technologies for the first time. It took tremendous effort and time to show clients the new methods of pipe repairs through presentations, mockups, free pilot projects, and samples.

ADPS is a specialized contractor who can fix a whole network, or a single crack and we gained our reputation as a company who offers swift, cost-effective and competitive services, carried out by well-trained and experienced staff.

ADPS has been successful in achieving its objectives after years of hard work facing many challenges thanks to highly experienced staff & technicians providing engineering solutions for client’s problems in partnership with well-known International Companies in areas of Technology Transfer, Equipment and Machinery. ADPS uses material from well-known Brand names and experienced suppliers from Germany with long and wide experience in Pipeline Rehabilitation.

The Outcome of years of hard work is that ADPS has grown to become the market leader in UAE in Pipeline Rehabilitation with a wide range of services and quality products for gravity and high-pressure lines reaching to highest standards in Trenchless Technology in the Gulf region.

Dr Falah Mustafa Partner and Founder of ADPS left company end of 2018 and established a new company in Iraq , Advanced Pipeline Services  IRAQ, in partnership with a well known local company. 
ADPS Iraq have set the objective of serving Public Clients in the Oil & Gas sector in addition to Municipal Services (such as Water, Sewerage, Strom Water, Irrigation and Industrial Waste) in most of the big Iraqi cities, especially in Baghdad & Basrah.